LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV – a chameleon suitable for any party

LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV – a chameleon suitable for any party

LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV: a chameleon suitable for any party

You’re thinking about throwing a party. But, what kind of party? There are so many different ways to convene your friends and family. You can throw a movie night with that someone special, or a game night for your friends, or something for the whole family!


But, being a host can be tough.You want everyone to feel entertained while you’re running around filling glasses and serving food. How can you make sure everyone’s having a great time?


Here’s the secret. Just one TV can replace all the hard work that goes into planning and throwing a party. In fact, the LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV, can act as a great entertaining side-kick suitable for any kind of party.


Here are a few tips of how the LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV can help you throw a very memorable party!


1. With popcorn and soda, this is Hollywood!


Complete Entertainment with the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV!

Any time of year is perfect to round up the gang for a movie night. Get the room as dark as possible, switch off your phones, sit back and enjoy the show! Don’t fret if you forgot to rent a movie or haven’t decided on what to watch. Accessing to 3D World, a card on the Home Dashboard, you can immediately viewonline 3D content.


2. Entertaining kids in family party is not tricky anymore!

If you’re a parent, you know how difficult it can be to have an adult gathering while also looking after the little ones.


So, how can you bring everyone together… parents and kids, for a fun afternoon?


Lucky for you, we offer this simple solution: the Magic Remote.


This intuitive device can be used as a gaming pad. So while the adults are chit-chatting about busy daily lives, the kids can remain entertained for hours. Why kids are not going to be bored at playing games currently available on LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV? With a motion sensor on the remote, maneuvering throughout the games will be a breeze. In other words, it’s easy to learn the ins and outs to have fun! Isn’t that incredible?!


Go ahead and download some games on your LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV and start playing.  Just a hint, Angry Duckling is amongst the popular games! Shake! Shake!


Even kids love the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV


3. No need for going to arcade…ultimate game night at your convenience!!

Gaming becomes more fun with Dual Play!

A party involving any kind of electronic game can not only brings out the competitive spirit, but can even strengthens a friendship…ah..so much beautifulness…Why are we being this cheesy?


Because LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV is a perfect fit for throwing a game tournament. The TV comes with DUAL PLAY TECHNOLOGY. Do you know what it does? No hassle in looking at the split screen with your foe! Just enjoy playing split Screenvideo games on a full screen. This makes so much easier (or harder) beating your friend and enhances your concentration.


So there you have it. The LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV is a great resource full of entertaining content for any kind of party, ensuring that you are a renowned host/hostess.


Please don’t forget that the quality time you spend with guests and friends is the true definition of Life [being] Good!

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  • LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV – a chameleon suitable for any party
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