Prashanth tells you the excitement of being a part of the 3D Revolution in Mumbai on his blog, Tech Bangalore.

I was one of the bloggers who were invited to experience LG’s new Cinema 3D Smart TVs. LG has done massive improvements to keep the lead in 3D TV market share. I’m going write about some of the interesting features I came across in this hands on.

What first caught my eyes was design with which LG has done some significant improvements. Bringing down the thickness of bezel to 1mm is a great achievement and hence the name “Cinema Screen”. Whenever someone talks about 3D the next thing I remember is painful eyes! 3D glasses made by LG weren’t of the same kind. It was very natural like wearing spectacles. It was lighter as well since it doesn’t need any power source to power it up.

LG has done some improvements in 3D over the previous models.  Some of them are:

3D Depth Control: Now one can control depth of the 3D view.

Better 2D to 3D conversion: Convert content in 2D like TV channels..etc into 3D. Though HD input will result in better 3D conversion.

3D Audio Zoom: Zooms the audio as well when you zoom the video to give you better 3D experience.

Mobile HD Link: Connect your mobile device and have complete control of it. You can even play games on your device.

WiDi: Wireless Display enables sharing your laptop/other compatible devices display with the TV. One can also play a movie on TV & still continue to work on laptop on extended mode.

Dual View for Gaming: Do you hate playing multiplayer games on split-screen? Then you are going to love this. LG 3D TV converts split-screen into full screen. There are two views generated in full screen which can be viewed with appropriate glasses. Like, Player a glass will only give Player A view & same with Player B.

Overall, LG has the best 3D TV range in market. The new range is going to be available in market in June.

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