Tough or Tender: The LG Twin Wash Washing Machine

Laundry is often considered an everyday affair! However if your bed sheets are weaved with Egyptian Cotton and your wardrobe speaks of labels, consider home laundry a mission nearly impossible. The fa ...

September 5, 2016  5:03 pm

LG Mosquito Away LED TV

As night approaches, tiny monsters take flight to fulfil their quest for blood. Seems dramatic, isn’t it? However, this is the story that follows repeatedly every night. Mosquitoes! These tiny creatur ...

August 24, 2016  7:20 pm

Save Everyday with Jet Spray Technology

When was the last time your kids went and returned home from a game with spotless clothes? Still thinking? It's so because hardly there ever was such a time when kids came back home spotless clean. Be ...

July 14, 2016  6:36 pm

Live the Smart Life!

Some time back, technology was a luxury but with time it became every household’s need. People nowadays seek more than just flawless performance, the world wants Smart Technology – smart in every sens ...

June 28, 2016  3:59 pm

Direct Cool Refrigerators – Save Smart Save More

Smart innovations are based on smart savings and convenience. Introducing India’s 1stDirect cool refrigerators with Smart Inverter Technology. It offers a range of features such as great savings and s ...

June 23, 2016  2:13 pm

LG OLED: The Battle of Supremacy

LG OLED TV presents Batman Vs Superman, an experience worth living for. As the epic battle gets ready, the very existence of mankind is in danger. Superman a.k.a. Clarke Kent of Daily Planet with his ...

March 19, 2016  6:39 pm

Why LG Smart INVERTER AC is the new cool for 2016?

Planning to buy a new Air Conditioner? Spare a minute to make that decision worth your money and time! The good news is with LG’s advanced Smart Inverter technology, the bar on what to expect from you ...

January 28, 2016  7:35 pm


Take the LG webOS Smart TV Challenge Before You Buy Any Smart TV! LG Smart TV with WebOS is the future of smart entertainment. LG Smart TV comes fully loaded with WebOS, an operating system (OS) desig ...

November 7, 2015  10:33 pm
October 26, 2015  3:00 pm
September 22, 2015  4:58 pm
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