Why LG Smart INVERTER AC is the new cool for 2016?

Planning to buy a new Air Conditioner? Spare a minute to make that decision worth your money and time! The good news is with LG’s advanced Smart Inverter technology, the bar on what to expect from your AC is set on a new high.

Compared to the normal BEE star rated Air Conditioners, the technologically evolved LG Smart Inverter air conditioners provide a host of unique and priceless benefits for today’s consumer.



Here’s a range of Air Conditioners, which not only provide more control, comfort and convenience to the customer, but also provide better life time Value by consuming lesser Energy and enhancing savings.

As a long-term respite from your whopping electricity bills, the LG Smart Inverter air conditioners help you save 66% of electricity charges while providing silent and powerful performance.

This is how it works

The Smart inverter AC uses the Variable Tonnage technology, which allows the product to automatically vary the cooling capacity as per the ambient conditions and user requirements.For example, a 1.5 Ton rated LG Smart Inverter air conditioner can vary its cooling from as low as 0.26 Ton to as high as a 1.71 Ton.

Whenever you start your air conditioner with whichever mode whether cooling or heating, the compressor will first operate at maximum capacity to achieve the required temperature quickly. And once the required temperate is achieved, unlike conventional air conditioners that keep switching compressor ON and OFF, Inverter series air conditioners adjust and constantly vary the cooling capacity to maintain the desired temperature with minimum fluctuation, so that your comfort zone is not compromised at all times.

A simple analogy


Images are for reference only

To add to your convenience and overall experience, the LG Smart Inverter Air Conditioners also provide 30% Faster Cooling, which is uniform through its various technologies & features like Mosquito Away technology, 4-D COOLING and 30Ft Airflow.

No wonder, even if the Smart Inverter Air Conditioner costs higher than any star rated air conditioners but the excess cost is recovered in less than 2 years due to substantial power savings. Considering the life span of an AC to be 10 years, the saving in monetary terms is too lucrative to be ignored.




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  • Why LG Smart INVERTER AC is the new cool for 2016?
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  1. Babith


    I am Babith form Kerala Cochin.I have purchased 3 inverter A/C from an LG Exclusive showroom in Cochin.

    Now,the problem is that I was told that A/C model No BSA 12BEYD will use less current than a normal 5 star A/C and its also written on the sticker or manual that this model inveter A/C will consume 648.48 units per year with reference to an yearly usage of 1500 hours per year.

    So as per this calculations ie. 648.45÷1500 =0.432 units per hour consumption of electricity when continuous usage.

    Well,we are getting higher electricity usage consumption above 1 unit per hour when used in normal home environment with a set temperature of 27 degree Celsius for continuous 10 hours plus at night .

    I did register a complaint with LG call center but the service technician from LG ( Temp Air System) AND THERE TECHNICIAN says it NORMANL CURRENT CONSUMPTION (BETWEEN 1 AND 1.5 UNITS PER HOUR) Which is not right.

    ( AS PER THERE ADD AND WHAT IS WRITTEN ON THE A/C ADD ON LG WEBSITE .(Inverter V Technology: LG’s revolutionary Inverter V Air Conditioners come with Variable Tonnage Technology which reduces energy consumption by 66% )THIS IS NOT TRUE IN MY LG INVERTER A/C model No BSA 12BEYD (this model is made in Thailand).

    My complain no with LG RNA160429042926 and RNA160507063719.

    I need a proper service technician from direct LG service to solve this issue .The service from Temp air system is not professional and the technician’s who came to install the My A/C are not experienced .They told me that they are trainee’s and are with the company for just 2 months.

    On top of all this one of my A/C installation was not proper.they did not tie the tube which carries gas from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit properly .They have also not used the vinyl white tape to protect the tube from water from entering the wiring. They told me its changeable extra ,which is not true.out of the 3 A/C one has been properly installed this way.

    Now,I need a solution for this issues please.i have also spoken to Mr. Ramachandran your service Manager in Cochin (not sure about his designation) so but again no response.

    If I do not get proper service and my issues rectified ,then I will be forced to go to the consumer court of India. This is cheating by all means. LG ADD IS NOT TRUE AND their SERVICE is SO PATHETIC and NON professional .

    My A/C still takes more than 1 units per hour for continuous 10 hours usage .

    I AM STILL IN THE Hope to hear from responsible management side in Delhi.I WILL UPDATE on the LG SERVICE.


    • LG

      Hi Babith, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details with us and we will get in touch with you soon to address your concern. Thanks.

  2. Jacob


    I bought LG inverter AC 12BEYD and installed it yesterday. Last night I used it for 10Hrs exactly setting temperature as 27 only, I noticed that it consumed 10 units (one unit per hour). This is not what LG promised.

    I changed my old AC only because of current consumption. Now I don’t see any difference with my old 1.5 ton AC and this new 1 ton inverter AC. I need a solution for this.

    Jacob J

    • LG

      Hi Jacob, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details with us and we will get in touch with you soon to address your concern. Thanks.


    I bought LG dual inverter ac model jsq18bpxa on 29.3.2017 but now I face a problem is that if I set temperature of my ac to 24°c it cools room upto 19 or 18°c which is inconvenient for us. I read in some reviews that inverter ac maintain the set temperature. Please solve this problem
    Mo. 9897095745


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