Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers for Home and Parties

People always tend to remember a great party. The easiest way for getting your party started and making it a hit is with Music. By music, we are not talking about polite, low volume background music. We are talking about loud, rhythmic music. The music to which everyone can loosen up themselves, get dancing, and think just about the moment.

Well, such moments just can’t be created with an ordinarily Bluetooth speaker, what you need is an LG XBoom: portable speakers with exceptional sound. With a powerful 2000-Watt Sound and booming bass makes it an all-in-one entertainment system. It’s your best choice for any party, Filling the space with big beats that get everyone grooving.

Switch on the Party Mode with LG XBoom

· Raise the Party Quotient with Lighting Effects

You can combine various lighting effects with a variety of presets and modes. This added atmosphere will take your party to a different, next level.

· Play Like you’re the DJ Control your party like you’re the DJ in a club. Turn the jog wheel to scratch or push a button to add sound effects and loop track segment

Control Easily with the DJ App

Connect your smartphone, download the app and have fun using a variety of DJ sound effects straight from your smartphone.

· Party Accelerator

Choose your own sounds and push the accelerator forward. Hear the sound build until it peaks with a thunderous boom.

· Karaoke Star

Who doesn’t love doing karaoke? Enjoy Karaoke with your friends and family! Singing is enjoyable with a voice canceller to reduce the in-track vocals and a key changer which tunes the music to your voice. You can also choose from the 18 different vocal effects to sing with. Isn’t it amazing?

· Double Your Sound with a Wireless Party Link

Link two LG XBOOM systems together wirelessly to increase the output to about 4000 watts. This will give you an immense sound for amazing parties.

The best part with LG XBoom is that they are the best Bluetooth Portable Speakers in which you can choose from a variety of input options including Bluetooth, DVD, 2 USB ports, CD and FM Radio.

  • Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers for Home and Parties
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