LG Mission 3D – Reveal your secret identity!

LG Electronics’ Mission 3D Social Movie App is a one-of-its-kind game that gives you a unique opportunity to be the savior of many by foiling an impending terrorist plan to attack the city. To experie ...

April 15, 2013  7:49 am

Getting the Best 3D TV Bang For Your Buck!

With recent blockbusters like Transformers taking you on an action-packed journey, classic flicks like Titanic being 3D-revamped so you feel like you’re on the bow of the boat, and YouTube even having ...

July 20, 2012  8:03 am
July 19, 2012  6:56 pm
July 18, 2012  7:00 am
May 22, 2012  7:36 am

8 Reasons To Buy The LG 55LM8600 Cinema 3D

Need a reason to get the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV? T3 gives you 8! Check out this crisp review right here. Couch potatoes never had it so good. LG’s latest Cinema 3D TV will seduce you with its lines and ...

May 22, 2012  7:08 am

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

by Puneet Mehrotra (Technorati)   For a civilization brought up on the concept of maya, it has taken the Koreans to prove it literally that life indeed is an illusion. Yesterday I was witness to ...

May 18, 2012  4:27 am
May 17, 2012  2:25 pm

Rendezvous with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

Dual Play, 2D to 3D conversion, Intel WiDi and the Magic Motion Remote have certainly given Shaun Tassavur from Only Gizmos a lot to talk about!  LG showcased its new line of Cinema 3D Smart TV last w ...

May 16, 2012  7:24 am

LG Unveils Its Cinema 3D Smart TV Line-Up For 2012

The Sound Zooming and the Dual Play feature is what Rizwan Memon, TechTree loves about the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV. Check out the article here. LG Electronics recently announced its Cinema 3D Smart TV l ...

May 16, 2012  6:47 am
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