[Shoppers Guide] 3D TVs for Every Room of Your House

Remember when TVs were still a “luxury?” Typically, households were a one family-one TV story and you’d find the one TV right in the living room where it could be viewed by everyone. Today, of course, ...

September 14, 2011  3:23 pm

CINEMA 3D Makes Record-Breaking Arrival in Europe

Article by Jin Choi (Manager, LCD TV EU Marketing Group   On April 21, LG held one of the most ambitious events in its history as it launched its new CINEMA 3D TVs inEurope. In the beautiful Gran ...

April 23, 2011  1:14 pm

Top 5 TV Hot Keywords

2011 is half over but the fun is just starting for 3D TV fans. Here’s our take on the top-5 buzzwords for the past 6 months. Hope you enjoy and let us know your picks as well! No. 1 FPR vs. Convention ...

April 7, 2011  2:11 pm
April 5, 2011  3:12 pm
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