Enhanced Freshness with LG Frost Free Refrigerator


A constant life often seems less attractive! It signifies being ‘stable ‘or ‘safe’ and at times,  monotonous. However, we can’t ignore that certain things such as prices, voltage when constant, only adds to our happiness.  Designed on similar lines, LG presents its latest range of LG Frost Free Refrigerators with Linear Cooling Technology.

Now, take a long vacation without worrying about the perishable goods in your fridge any time. At this range, it is one of the very first refrigerator to have an inverter linear compressor and door cooling technology. It also offers an array of features such as dual fridge, auto smart connect among others for making life easier and better.

A Bouquet of 7 Innovative Features

LG Frost Free Refrigerator is truly unique in terms of technology that makes it the last word in the world of refrigerators. Here are some of the features of this refrigerator-

LINEAR Cooling

This feature means that irrespective of place or time, LG Frost Free Refrigerator offers uniform cooling all across the refrigerator. In fact, the temp difference in various part of the fridge is considerably reduced which helps in retaining freshness for a longer duration.

Door Cooling+

This feature was especially added to ensure even cooling of the contents stored inside the refrigerator door. For instance, water bottles stored in the door area doesn’t chill until kept inside the freezer. Especially during summers, a special vent in the door cools up to 35% faster. It also means that when the door is opened, the vent automatically turn themselves off so it doesn’t vent out cold air into the warm environment. Hence maintaining the uniformity of the inner temperature.

Inverter Linear Compressor



Did you know that conventional compressors have a higher temperature variation of +1.0 or -1.0˚C compared to the +0.5 or -0.5˚ C in Inverter Linear Compressor? This reduced variation helps in retaining the freshness for an enhanced duration of up to 14 days.

It also includes an Auto Optimal Cooling Feature cool that helps in even and continuous cooling across the refrigerator while making up to 25% less noise than others.

LG Dual Fridge

The dual fridge feature helps in 100% conversion of freezer into fridge within 68 minutes compared to conventional refrigerators in the same segment. This revolutionary technology increases the storage space by 1.4 times in one single touch. It provides increased storage space, higher performance and even cooling.

The Jet Ice feature on the contrary makes ice in less than 90 minutes without any additional load on the compressor and faster than conventional refrigerators.

Smart Diagnosis

Now, you don’t need to contact an engineer to detect a problem in your fridge! With smart diagnosis in LG Frost Free Refrigerator, now experience a much easier and smarter way to find a solution to the problem. Just activate the Smart Diagnosis feature and let the mobile application or service personnel guide you while saving money as well as time.

Auto Smart Connect

The LG Frost Free Refrigerator connects to the home inverter automatically with the Auto Smart Connect Feature. It consumes power less than 2 CFL bulbs during power cuts and shifts to the inverter without any extra effort.

20 Years Life Span of Compressor

As per VDE, a German testing lab, the inverter linear compressor has been tested for efficiency for a duration of 20 years.


Additional Features

In addition, LG Frost Free Refrigerator is inclusive some features to explore more freshness for a better health:-

Solar Smart Refrigerator

This range of LG Frost Free Refrigerator runs on solar energy to opt for a renewable source of energy efficiently. The Solar panel requirement will vary as per the model when it is run without battery system.


LG Frost Free Refrigerator has been developed with a special gel material that helps in retaining coolness and prevents spoiling of food.

Moist Balance Crisper

The Moist Balance Crisper™ helps in maintaining an optimum moisture level in vegetable drawers that keeps your vegetables longer and fresher.



The Bio-Shield feature helps in keeping freshness inside the LG Frost Free Refrigerator while keeping the dust particles and bacteria outside.


Why it’s a Must-Buy?

  • Door Cooling+
  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Auto Smart Connect
  • 20 Years Life Span of Compressor
  • Solar Smart Refrigerator
  • Hygiene Fresh+


If you’re looking for a refrigerator that opens door to a world of innovations with its unique features and yet doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, this is it. Take a look at the newest range of LG Frost Free Refrigerators and discover it with your own eyes.




  • Enhanced Freshness with LG Frost Free Refrigerator
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  1. Lauren Conrad

    I read this paragraph fully on the topic of the difference of latest and earlier technologies,
    it’s amazing article.

  2. P.R.K.Prasad

    How many fans are used in multi flow and dual fridge, if microprocessor of dual fridge won’t works then fridge stops functioning. What were the tech.,specifications of each model fridge like compressor model make ,fans , lights etc., No proper clear demo videos on YouTube.


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