Experience Immersive Viewing with LG OLED TV

Television is one of the most utilized and fundamental home appliances. Simplicity with perfection, two complete opposites’ qualities meet up in LG’s OLED TVs. Intended to elevate your home entertainment to a level like never before. From an ultra-thin and minimalistic plan that goes with any stylistic theme to conveying unparalleled varying media experience, LG OLED TV is one of its kind. LG OLED TV rules the current TV market.

LG OLED Large Screen TV

What is OLED technology?

Unlike the LCD/LED TVs, OLED TV doesn’t require any backlight. In fact, it is composed of materials that can emit light when electricity is applied to them. This results in an infinite contrast, fast response rate, and brilliant colors. In addition, it has refined and wide viewing angles better than LCD/LED TVs.

Features of OLED TV

Self-lighting Pixels

The self-lighting pixels are the main principle of the LG OLED TV. With this technology, every single pixel of the TV gets illuminated, giving the perfect black and high-end clarity.

Designed for Perfection

An ultra-thin design brings the users a stunning picture quality. Not only this, even if the TV is switched off, it serves as a complete master art piece to your wall, giving a perfect look to your room!

A Display Like No Other

LG OLED TV comes with the revolutionary self-lighting pixel technology that extracts perfect black, million colors, and an infinite contrast ratio to deliver you the most realistic images. The Ultra Luminance Technology provides the right amount of brightness when needed.

LG’s OLED TV is the first to bring the users the technology that lets you enjoy a cinematic experience with great contrast, color, and brightness. Unlike the other TVs that you will find in the market, LG OLED TV is capable of producing perfect black and accurate color. One can experience clear images from every viewing angle.



LG OLED TVs support Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar download, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and many more apps. Now you can enjoy all your favorite movies, TV shows, and documentaries with extraordinary picture quality and immersive sound.

A Whole Package of a Wonderful Experience

LG OLED TV gives you a complete home theatre feel with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision IQ. With the upgraded webOS smart TV platform and the whole new Home Screen, users can enjoy personalized content recommendations based on their watch history, quick access to a variety of content, and easier control of connected devices.

Filmmaker Mode

FILMMAKER MODE turns off motion smoothing, image sharpening, and other processing settings while preserving the original aspect ratios, colors, and frame rates. This accurately delivers the director’s original intent, so you get to experience the film the way they intended.


Why is LG OLED TV a must-have?

  • Latest & World’s best Display Technology-OLED
  • Enjoy Cinematic Revolutionary Experience with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
  • It Supports all the HDR Format through Active HDR, which provide viewing details with finesse
  • The slimmer design is the best for your home décor
  • 100 times Deeper Blacks than conventional LEDs that result in Infinite contrast for a detailed Scene or Movie.

If you’re looking for a masterpiece for your home, then LG OLED TV is the change you need.

Browse the complete range here: https://www.lg.com/in/oled-tvs

  • Experience Immersive Viewing with LG OLED TV
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