Features to Look for When Buying a Water Purifier

Finding the best water purifier in India for your home can be confusing, as there are various brands with multiple water purifiers. Pure water is a necessity for everyone. The importance and need for pure drinking water cannot be denied. Due to the increasing pollutions and impurities in food items and our busy, hectic lifestyles, pure drinking water is a must these days for one to stay healthy.

The need of the hour is an even more advanced purification process that can make one feel assured of not contracting this life-threatening virus in case it spreads widely through water, a concern still being debated by the world’s major safety and prevention agencies. Until it is confirmed, we cannot be lenient in ensuring that we are using the highest quality of water in our homes.

Few of the common water contaminants that if not removed can adversely affect human health are:

  • Microorganisms like bacteria, algae, and fungi regularly interfere with sterile research applications. Bacteria can adversely influence cell and tissue culture by competing at enzyme-active sites on substrates.
  • Viruses – They can adversely affect tissue and cell growth. They’re extremely small, with most of them falling between 0.01 – 0.3 microns, and they can survive for long periods of time. Once they’ve been spotted in the water, they should be removed as soon as possible.
  • Dissolved Inorganic Ions Silicates, chlorides, calcium, fluorides, magnesium, phosphates, bicarbonates, sulphates, nitrates, and ferrous compounds are all forms of dissolved inorganic ions.

All the above-mentioned contaminants can be efficiently removed by a good water purifier.

Now the question arises if all the RO purifiers can provide safe and purified water which one should we choose?

LG presents India’s True Water Purifier with Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank, Digital Maintenance Care, Mineral Booster, EverFresh UV Plus, Enhanced RO, and Smart Display.

LG Water Purifier with Stainless Steel Tank

We need to understand that the basic Job of a water purifier is to provide pure water. There are few important things one should consider before buying a water purifier.

Essential features to look for in a water purifier:


Water purifiers store purified water in a storage tank. A very important thing to consider here is what material the storage tank is made of—plastic or stainless steel.

Most water purifiers in India have plastic storage tanks, while few others have stainless steel tanks. LG water purifier comes with Stainless Steel Tank.

Every model of LG water purifier comes with a Dual Protection airtight Stainless Steel Tank. The stainless steel tank is suitable for all-weather and has 94.4% less E.coli growth in 24 Hrs.

We all know the importance of stainless steel in India as all our utensils used at home are made of stainless steel only, plastic utensils are generally avoided. So the storage part is very important one should always consider.

Cleaning & Maintenance

To have pure and hygienic water your water purifier needs to get cleaned at regular intervals. Maintenance is luckily provided by all the brands. Now with Covid 19 situation, one can’t take risk of allowing the service personnel to clean your water purifier with hands using chemicals or detergents.

LG Offers a unique method to clean water purifiers without manual touch, through their Digital sterilization kit, which hygienically cleans and sterilizes inside of water pipes, faucet and tank without using any harm full chemicals and with no manual touch.

The service system is so robust that the users get an automated system-generated call every 4 months for the servicing of the water purifier which is absolutely free for one year including the change of outside sediment filter every time.

Ever Fresh UV Plus In-Tank UV

The Ever Fresh UV Plus feature removes bacteria and viruses so, there is no need for UV in the filtration stage. There are chances of germ reformation in the water tank. LG makes sure you get pure water by having in-tank UV which treats stored water every 6 hours for 75 mins to deactivate bacteria and revitalize freshness.


RO filtration not only removes impurities and other harmful substances but also removes all the minerals from the water. LG water purifier has a Mineral Booster filter that adds essential minerals like Calcium and magnesium in 100% RO purified water. With RO Recovery Plus Filter, now LG Water Purifiers comes with >60% water recovery solution.

Genuine Parts & Filters

With so many Brands even at the local level, it’s very easy to get parts and filters available at cheap rates, the authenticity of which can be questionable. LG water purifier uses genuine & barcoded filters in LG water purifier.

One-Touch for Hot, Cold & Normal Water

With LG Water Purifier you can enjoy the best of both worlds. All thanks to the unique one-touch hot and cold function, you get cold water at a minimum of 5 degrees centigrade and hot water at a maximum of 90 degrees centigrade instantly. Party or get-togethers, now you can enjoy cocktails, smoothies, tea, coffee, or plain punch, all at the touch of a button.


3 Reasons to Buy LG Water Purifier

True Preservation

With water filtration, preservation of filtered water too is very important. LG Water Purifier with Dual Protection Airtight Stainless Steel Storage Tank is suitable for all Indian weathers and has 94.4% less E.coli growth in 24 hrs. This truly preserves the filtered water.

True Maintenance: Digital Sterilizing Care

When it comes to maintaining the water purifier, LG ensures hands-free cleaning. LG Digital Sterilizing Care digitally cleans and sanitizes the water, hose, faucet, and pipes without using any harmful chemicals. Also, the users receive an automatic call on every fourth month of regular service.

True Filtration: True RO Filtration

Drink Pure & healthy water without impure water mixing. With LG Water Purifier’s RO technology you can easily remove dissolved impurities like viruses, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. from the water. The RO membrane removes over 0.0001 Micron size impurities so that you get absolutely pure water.

LG Water Purifiers offer you the best of everything at the best price which makes them a necessary home appliance in every Indian home. So, what are you waiting for? Sip in purity with LG Water Purifier.


  • Features to Look for When Buying a Water Purifier
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