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Technology makes unbelievable things possible. Making life simpler, comfortable and exciting.  Bringing more happiness, opening more opportunities and shaping the belief- It’s all possible!

LG’s commitment to constantly innovate and bring products that are out of the world has resulted in a magnificent technological breakthrough – LG OLED TV, World’s first curved OLED TV.  Based on a revolutionary technology and inspired by nature, it has initiated a wave of groundbreaking innovation in the industry.

The amazing product has not only been welcomed by a flood of great reviews everywhere but it also has swept a lot of industry and consumers’ awards.

Receiving the coveted

  • red dot: ‘Best of the Best Award’ for path breaking design and innovation and the prestigious
  • ‘Best of Innovations’ at the 2014 CES Innovations Award, it made big waves in the Home Entertainment category. And gave birth to a brave new world of possibilities in TV technology.

Curved OLED with webOS


With outstanding ergonomics and beautiful aesthetics, viewing on LG OLED TV is simply an experience like never before. LG OLED TV boasts of an immersive viewing experience, producing lifelike images of impeccable clarity. Along with true-to-nature colour tones and richer contrast through High Dynamic Range (HDR) algorithm and self-lighting pixel technology it offers a greater sense of realism and depth on all content. It’s incredibly thin display has a gentle inward flex design, which removes the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and detail loss.

Experience the Future of TV with OLED. Explore the brilliant Curved OLED TV here:

  • First Among the Equals
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