First in India: Health Guard in Refrigerators

As summers approach the country leading consumer durable company LG Electronics launches its new range of premium refrigerators to cash-in the season in demand.

Driven by the underlined principle of introducing products customised to the Indian needs, LG’s new range of refrigerators is targeted at a market that’s deeply health conscious. The unique Air Purification system Health Guard uses four special filters, one each for dust, fungi spore, bacteria and odour to circulate clean and healthy air inside the refrigerator. Health Guard ™ realizes a strong sterilization up to 99.99% bacteria which ensures Purest Air inside the Refrigerator.

Mr. Soon Kwon, Managing Director, LG India said, “LG is dedicated to creating solutions that enable efficiency in a household.  We have designed our new refrigerators to directly address this need of our consumers. Our new refrigerators are energy efficient, feature best-in-class designs with the Health Guard technology, which is set to add to LG’s identity as an innovator, just like we were positioned with the Green Ion Door Cooling Technology.  At LG, we do not view the refrigerator as just an essential appliance, but a vital, perfect addition to the contemporary kitchen.”

Talking about targets Mr. Kwon says, “With this new series, we will strengthen our market leadership position in Refrigerator segment with a share of 35%. We are expecting a growth percentage of more than 25% this year targeting a turnover of over Rs. 5000 crore in the segment.”

The Health Guard edge

The Health Guard feature in LG’s Wonder Door & Frost Free refrigerator is a revolutionary technology to maintain the highest quality of food inside the refrigerator.  Introduced for the first time in India by LG, Health Guard is a four-step Air Purification System ensuring active circulation of the purest air in the refrigerator. This unique air purification system, Health Guard ™ ensures that food retains highest health value during refrigeration, is hygienic, most organic, safest, and thoroughly removes dust, fungi spore, bacteria and odour. The Health Guard feature will be available in Frost Free and Wonder door series at a price range of Rs. 47,100/- to Rs. 1,86,500/-. These refrigerators will hit the market from April 2012 onwards.

The Health Guard Advantage!

LG New Wonder Door Side by Side Refrigerators

The elegant new range of LG Wonder Door Side-by-Side Refrigerators is available in the capacities of 659L, 679L, and 800L These refrigerators have trim less glass finish with premium colors like wooden finish along with floral pattern like Mulan white and Mulan Shine. The Wonder Door refrigerator reduces energy consumption at real usage condition by reducing cooling air leakage when opening the Refrigerator, thereby saving up to 16% energy under running condition. Not only this advanced Inverter Linear Compressor in refrigerator reduces noise levels and increases its durability while conserving energy. Also the LED over conventional incandescent bulbs consumes 95% less energy consumption. Above all the Health Guard feature circulates the air through hygiene vents and keeps the food hygienic in the most organized and safest way. The product is priced at Rs. 1, 25, 000 to Rs. 1, 86,500/-.

LG Direct Cool Refrigerators

LG has launched a new range Direct Cool Refrigerators for the 215 litres and above. It has a new blaze handle for better grip and a chamfer design which gives it enhanced elegance. It has a wider body that has higher PUF Insulations and better cooling performance. With introduction of newFlorencepattern in addition to the present Blossom pattern, the entire range has a new crown deco that adds new aesthetic dimensions to LG Single Door Refrigerators.  The product range is priced (Rs.13250 ~ Rs. 18450) or Rs. 13250 onwards.

LG Digital Auto Defrost Technology

The New Digital Auto Defrost technology is equipped with a microprocessor that senses time & temperature to defrost the refrigerator automatically. The external micom gives an easy access to controls of the refrigerator. The LG Digital Auto Defrost Refrigerator has an Express Ice feature in which ice formation happens 40% faster than the normal ice making time. It enables the customer to over ride the defrosting for urgent ice making. LG Digital Auto Defrost refrigerator ensures a hassle-free experience for customers even at homes where there are frequent and prolonged power cut.

  • First in India: Health Guard in Refrigerators
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  1. ShahbazKhan

    Despite my repeated request since the time of purchase, LG and Dealer have been defiant to replace the faulty unit delivered to me…. This is a Perfect example of UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE – An Illegal Act as per Consumer Courts and Forum… Should you want LG’s name to be suffixed by such an adjectiive,……you can continue with the callous, fraudulent and irresponsible behaviour with customers.

    I had bought a 479 GSXD4 LG Refrigerator (Serial Number : 304PRZZ059093) on 13-June-2013 from S K Mall Dealers in Aligarh, U.P AT A COST OOF 50,000 Rupees. Immediately after the purchase the refrigerator was found to have cooling problems within first week. I had brought into the notice of customer service of LG. There was no response after registering the complaint and after continuous follow up for 15 days the technicians arrived.

    The visiting technicians had diagnosed that the capillaries were blocked. It took more time as they said the required part was not available and later they changed the capillaries and assured that this will not happen again. The dealership had conveyed that this may happen due to mis-handling in transportation but now that it has been repaired it should throw any problems to us. While we were very skeptical of the fact that we are using an appliance which is problematic being new. We had also requested the dealership on changing the product immediately as we do not expect a 50,000 costing product to be delivered with cooling fault. They somehow kept dodging our request and we accepted to use the appliance after assurances of proper functioning in future.

    But the same problem had started to show up again and is on extreme now. The product is under warranty and may again require repairs. My serious concern is on the fact that the product should have been changed the very time it was developing problems in the first week of purchase itself, and now that it is developing the same problems over again what is the assurance that we will not be bothered again in future. We did not spend our hard earned money (50,000 Rupees) for a product which starts to give you problems from day one and the problem keeps recurring. It is highly UN-ETHICAL and UNACCEPTABLE. Why should I accept product which is technically not fit from the very purchase time and will continue to throw problems and expense leave alone the time and efforts inconvenience caused in follow-ups with customer service.

    The warranty will end in a month and then we will be bearing the burden of repair expenses as well along with the pain of owning a 50,000 Rs. product which was delivered to us with an existing fault. The ideal way should be to change our appliance with new appliance of same model and maintain the standards of customer service image that led us to buy an LG product. We are highly di-satisfied with the way the dealer has push-sold a faulty product to us just for his benefit. I have lost faith in LG products due to this bad and painful experience after spending a premium cost. My last hope is from LG directly and this is the very reason that I am approaching LG with a hope that my complaint will be resonated in a JUST and FAIR manner with IMMEDIATE RESOLUTION by Replacing the appliance failing which I will be forced to take the matter to Customer and Public Forums.

    I am not at all prepared to accept this state of mal-practice and victimization of customer. This is a clear befooling of customer and misleading of customer to drive him towards bearing a faulty product at a premium cost. I request the LG customer service to please consider my request and process the replacing of my Refrigerator with another one of same model. I would look forward to an expedited processing of my complaint and resolution of the same. Why should a customer be VICTIMIZED after spending their hard earned money and be TAKEN FOR GRANTED.

    Best Regards, Shahbaz Khan 9897771749

    • LG

      Dear Shahbaz, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have forwarded your complaint to the concerned team. We will get in touch with you shortly.

  2. Angela Grayson

    Thanks for for giving useful information.Your instructions are helpful for user and technicians as well.Thanks for writing this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. Brilliant job Thank you.

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