Forget the Crayons and Hand Your Child the Pen!

Forget the Crayons and Hand Your Child the Pen!

It’s your worst nightmare: squiggly lines all over your wall in neon greens, yellows, and reds. Paint stains on your brand new carpet. Handprints and smudges that seem to forever reappear on your white countertops. Sounds familiar? If it’s not your 5-year old, it’s your 2-year old. That’s right, the ones who make you see red. Their creativity can take your breath away and drive you crazy at the same time.

Okay, take a breath and calm your nerves… Have you ever thought that your wall might be too small for your child’s imagination? What’s your child trying to tell you with all that creativity? Instead of scrubbing their masterpieces off the wall, wouldn’t it be nice if you could save them in a file electronically to hold forever?

LG’s new Plasma Pentouch TV may just be what you—and your child—are looking for: unlimited space where they and the whole family can draw to their hearts’ content.

I can practically hear what you’re thinking now: “it must be difficult”. In fact, Pentouch TV is similar to how you intuitively navigate your smartphone and computer mouse. The light source for plasma TVs naturally emits light through the cells, and the pen recognizes it, making it possible to touch the screen to control the TV. The user-friendly pen is the main controller, transforming your TV screen into a sketchbook, following all your movements precisely to create all the lines and colors being imagined.

Once the LG’s Pentouch Software is installed, you simply connect with your computer, quickly calibrate the pen, and you’re off. Hand it over to the kids and watch them draw rainbows of color on the TV Screen and decorate family photos taken with the family digital camera.

You can see the intuitive user interface both on the TV and on the PC

Mom and Dad can use it to create family diaries and to-do lists, and enjoy everything that’s been created later in the intuitive Gallery function. It organizes everything easily for you by calendar date. And it’s all easily printed by clicking the printer icon at the bottom of the screen, so you can quickly turn your house into an art gallery—without that red crayon on the wall!

We know that parents today are thinking deeply about their children’s education, too. And that’s where the LG Pentouch TV really shines. Parents can simply pop in any educational CDs or DVDs that they picked up at the store and use the Pentouch TV to walk their child through the learning process together, interactively. It can be a great bonding experience.

Imagine the possibilities when your son or daughter’s friends come over. The entire screen can be turned into a wonderfully interactive whiteboard. It’ll keep them busy and happy, while they create something new and fun each time. And because you can connect the TV to the internet, parents can also access the wealth of materials available online. Internet connectivity also allows children to enjoy various web-based games as well.

LG also made sure to focus on safety and durability, with a strong TV stand that fully supports the TV so it won’t tip over, and special protective glass that makes sure the screen stays clean and damage-free. And to protect your family’s eyes, the TV has a special mode that takes the glare off the screen and allows your child’s eyes to adjust.

LG’s Pentouch TV combines all the charms of the old-fashioned family scrapbook with the infinite promise of tomorrow’s best technology today. It’s exciting to see the potential this new technology holds for families. It only gets better from here!


  • Forget the Crayons and Hand Your Child the Pen!
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