Greenovation Across Sectors

Last time, we talked about the concept of Greenovation that is solely dedicated towards providing the planet with an energy saving and Green commercial air-conditioning system. Greenovation is unique since it is solely responsible for empowering technology as well as caring for the environment surrounding us.  In here, we are going to talk about its everyday application in real life across varied sectors.

Beyond HVAC solutions, LG commercial air-conditioning systems are committed towards excellence. Highly energy efficient and reliable, the technology simply redefines standards. Designed to suit individual needs and environment, the solutions comprise of a full line of products ready to cater across industries.


Application Across Industries


This energy solution is implemented across the globe in varied industries to make a considerable impact on the environment and lives of people.

LG Commercial Air-conditioning systems & Health sector


When it comes to health, there’s nothing more important as each life counts. Proper air-conditioning system is not just responsible for comfort and clean air, but also delivers therapeutic benefits to patients. Certain patients like those with cardiac issue feel warmer than others due to improper blood circulation. Patients with other health problems too face temperature issues and Commercial air-conditioning make sure that optimum temperature is maintained for the comfort of the patients.



LG Commercial AC systems & Commercial Offices


Commercial air-conditioning is ubiquitous for offices nowadays. It helps in making the environment more comfortable, leading to increased productivity and a morale boost. As per research, women feel more cold as compared to men, therefore a need to maintain an optimum temperature inside is crucial. In case of computers and other key hardware, commercial air-conditioning system will keep high moisture at bay and ensure that they function properly.

LG Commercial AC systems & Hospitality sector


Hospitality Sector is the epitome of comfort and entertainment. A perfect temperature will only add to the pleasure and makes the stay, a memorable experience for the guests. Apart from it, opting for a greener solution helps the brand to get an environment-friendly makeover. Proper air-conditioning is a must for the hospitality sector; otherwise guests will definitely choose some other properties in search of a better and convenient experience.


LG Commercial AC systems & Apartments

A home is your answer to perfect relaxation or a place to sleep.  If the temperature isn’t optimal, residents are likely to suffer from a lack of sleep. Similar effects will be experienced if the moisture levels are either too high or too low. However, a properly designed air conditioning system will address this issue and keep the temperature at a consistent, appropriate level.


Committed to delivering nothing less than excellence, LG commercial air-conditioning systems are the  best for all sectors including offices, hospitality, healthcare, education, factories, retail and others. Even a large chunk of residential complexes have recently forayed into this segment. Discover the perfect air-conditioning solution for your needs with a wide range of LG commercial air-conditioning systems.


  • Greenovation Across Sectors
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  1. Ajay

    I am very upset with the LG service.

    Today (21 Aug 2018) after 15 days

    The technician came with the Monitor Display screen, at 8.15 pm

    To inform you, this is the Second Display screen.
    First one failed that was on 7 aug 2018.

    I was shocked, when technician removed the screen from the Polystyrene Pack:

    – Polystyrene box was not seal packed.
    – The display screen was completely wet, there were water drops on it.
    – There was no sticker on the screen to protect it from dust.
    – There was dust particle on the screen with lots of finger prints.
    – The corner of the screen was broken.

    I doubt the Genuineness of the part.

    Looking at this I didn’t accept it. Told technician to bring me Genuine part.

    Technician (Mr. Raman) spoke to his superior (Mr. Om Prakash) and conveyed the problem
    and me not accepting the part.

    The technician handed over the phone to me
    and I spoke to Mr. OM Prakash.

    Mr. Om Prakash asked me to put the screen and than see if there is problem.
    and told the part is genuine they had to open it in the center for some reason.

    The technician connected the part and it did not worked.

    Since it already 15 days have gone. This was the second time the display screen is not working.

    I requested Mr. Om Prakash to get me a replacement of the monitor.

    So now i have a very big question mark about the Genuineness of the Part
    Is the Part coming from LG ?

    Is the technician well trained to understand and solve the problem ?

    I request the company LG to replace the monitor.

    Your troubled customer

    Ajay Jethwa


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