Industry’s First-Smart Connect Technology- Run your Refrigerator on Home Inverter!!!

Power-cut! It’s such a terrifying word. The situation remains unstable among 38Millions people in India. To deal with power cut, most of people have UPS + battery at their home, So that everything keeps running! And you don’t get stuck while doing any work, since there is continuous inflow of the electricity! But inverter comes with specific DO’s and DON’Ts, like the one where it is assumed that Refrigerators consume more power when connected to Inverter.

Adding to the assumptions here are some other reasons:

  • Seller’s Tip: Seller don’t recommend connecting the refrigerator with UPS + battery.
  • High Starting Voltage: While connecting the refrigerator with UPS, it stops working because start voltage is very high.
  • High Energy Consumption: Refrigerator will consume lots of electricity, so the battery can’t be used for a longer time.

Considering all reasons above, we at LG bring you a refrigerator that addresses all the above challenges.

This year, LG has introduced its game-changing New Smart Inverter 2.0 Compressor Technology with Smart Connect Technology, The New Smart Inverter2.0 Compressor is one of the most advanced and energy efficient compressor, which will continue to set new standards in the industry and help make lives smarter and better with new range of beautiful  Designs and Colours.

Smart Inverter Refrigerator

Smart Inverter Refrigerator

The new range of Smart Inverter Refrigerator comes with dual mode of operation. And once the electricity is gone, it automatically starts the Smart Connect mode, which consumes power as low as 2CFL* bulbs. So you don’t have to worry anymore about the early exhaustion of battery or difference in the voltage, which helps in keeping constant cooling round the clock, and keep your food items, cold drinks , beverages ready every time for your guests and yourself!

LG is pioneer in being ahead in product innovations. Truly with LG Smart Connect Refrigerator you wouldn’t ever have to worry about power-cuts again!

Innovation For A Better Life.

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  • Industry’s First-Smart Connect Technology- Run your Refrigerator on Home Inverter!!!
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  1. vaibhav

    pls tell me on how many va inverter yur double Lg ref runs 250 ltr and 305 ltr.Pls mail

    • LG

      Hi Vaibhav, Kindly call and coordinate with our customer care helpline number 1800 315 9999 Or 1800 180 9999(toll free) for better assistance.


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