Innovations for India!!!

LG Jazz TV and Transform TV

Music moves the world. Be it soulful melodies that transport you to different lands or peppy beats that make you shake a leg. R&B, rock, jazz, country, pop, hip-hop or even our very own Bollywood music, whatever is your preference, if you love your music you would want to enjoy it with the best possible sound quality.

It is perceived that TVs are not really known for delivering a great audio experience as the focus is more on the visual experience. But what if we told you that now you can enjoy an incredible, immersive audio experience through a TV?

LG Jazz TV

The LG Jazz TV promises just that! That’s because apart from great features that give you the ultimate TV viewing experience, it delivers superior sound with 1200W PMPO sound quality, which combined with the ultra-clear picture quality enabled by its advanced IPS display and full HD resolution takes television entertainment to a whole new level. Also, it has what no other TV can claim to have, which is the 2.2 channel speaker system, twin subwoofer and virtual surround sound. Isn’t this just what every music lover always wanted? A TV that delivered an extraordinary viewing experience as well as the sound quality to beat some of the best sound systems out there!

LG is known for being innovative, and in keeping with that, the LG Jazz TV is the ultimate entertainment system for a die-hard music lover—a TV that plays music the way it should be played!

LG Transform TV

While we are talking innovation, another innovative product that’s part of LG’s lineup is the Transform TV. It features a unique, wall-mountable base stand which you can easily transform into shelf unit. Its functional design saves space and is convenient for keeping a set-top box, DVD player, or even just a remote control, adding to its utility as well as helping you make a unique style statement. Just like the Jazz, the Transform TV also features an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel, which is durable as well as allows for a wider viewing angle of 178 degrees. This gives you distortion-free images, brilliant colors and exceptional contrast – regardless of where you are sitting!

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LG Jazz TV:
LG Transform TV:

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