Knock Knock! It’s LG InstaView


Every knock has a story to tell. What begins with a knock often unfolds to a beautiful surprise. LG InstaView Refrigerator has been designed with the same instinct, to leave the knockers in awe with its sleek mirrored glass panel. Now, just knock twice and see what’s inside.


This door-in-door range lets you peek inside without opening the door. Often, we open the refrigerator door just to check what the refrigerator contains. In doing so, the refrigerator loses its coolness and takes more time to maintain a constant temperature throughout. LG InstaView Refrigerator when knocked twice, it turns on the light and lets you peek in.


Striking Features of LG InstaView Refrigerator

Apart from these, LG InstaView offers a range of features that redefines the concept of luxury and convenience.

Convenience with LG InstaView

There are a lot of points that redefines the term convenience when it comes to LG InstaView Refrigerator and some of them are as follows-


Up to 41% Less Cold Air Loss

Since the refrigerator is not opened every now and then, there is less loss of cold air. The efficiency and performance of the refrigerator becomes better and helps in maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator.

Full Wine Rack

Designed exclusively for wine lovers, this user-friendly wine rack can hold up to 4 wine bottles at a temperature of 4 Degree Celsius

Utility Box

A smart drawer that lets you keep smaller items like deli and cheese in proper 3.5 degree Celsius temperature

Space Plus Ice system

Door mounted ice box saves a lot of space in the freezer area.

Control Your Refrigerator via SmartThinQ



This app lets you control the functionalities of your refrigerator even when you’re not at home.
It lets you control the temperature, switch on Express Freeze as well as Hygiene Fresh functionality and let the Smart Diagnosis feature, diagnose your refrigerator easily for a hassle free operation. You can access these with just a tap on your mobile phone.


Freshness Unlike Conventional Refrigerators

To maintain freshness of the stored goodies, LG InstaView Refrigerator offers Hygiene Fresh, Fresh Balancer and many other such features that keeps the fruits and veggies fresh for a longer duration.



Hygiene Fresh+

Apart from removing 99.9% bacteria, it keeps the refrigerator free from bad odour and fresh for a longer duration of time. It is based on the unique 5-step Anti-bacterial Deodorization or air purifying system.  All the 5 steps are mainly divided into two steps – Firstly, the bacteria and odour inducing substances are decomposed while the second step mainly involves the reduction of rotten vegetable odour and fishy smell.

Fresh Balancer

This feature helps in maintaining the optimal humidity inside the refrigerator by sealing vegetable box. The perfect level of moisture in the air keeps the stored food fresh for an enhanced duration.

Moist Balance Crisper

The lattice covered vegetable box ensures that the moisture from the freshies are evaporated as well as condensed on the lattice. It helps in maintaining the correct moisture balance.


The Magic of Inverter Linear Compressor

Compared to conventional compressors which has 4 friction points, the inverter linear compressor has just one friction point. It means that lesser friction is responsible for greater durability in the Inverter Linear Compressor.




Less Energy Consumption, Save on Bills

This advanced technology not only consumes less energy but also makes lesser noise and vibration. It also minimises the fluctuation and maintains an optimised temperature.

Better Performance


It offers up to 32% energy saving as the Inverter Linear Compressor has one friction point. This is also the reason behind its 25% less noise operation as the conventional compressors had 4 friction points that makes more noise.


Incredibly Stylish Design

With state of art design, the exquisite elements including the new dispenser display that simply enhances its charm. Completely user friendly, it is a piece of art for your home.

Glass Finish

It adds an elegant touch to the contemporary look and makes it one of the finest in its class.

Square Pocket Handle

It simply enhances the aesthetics of the kitchen.


Digital Delight

The multiple digital sensors in the refrigerator not only monitors but also responds to the temperature variations including Room temperature sensor, Refrigerator sensor, defrosting sensor, freezer sensor, Ice temperature sensor etc,


Smart Diagnosis

With smart diagnosis, your problems have an easy solution. If your refrigerator is facing any problem, don’t wait for a service engineer. The Smart diagnosis app will process and wait for your phone to tell you what to do. It is easy, fast as in no multiple service visits, time as well as cost saving.


Why it’s a Must Buy?

  • Innovative Knock Knock Feature
  • Less energy consumption, high savings
  • Highly efficient, better performance
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Multiple Digital Sensors



  • Knock Knock! It’s LG InstaView
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