LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

Enjoying the entertainment with SMART!!!

You are smart, your phone is smart, your PC is smart and now even your TV is smart. It can integrate the Internet, online interactive media, live streaming, apps, over-the-top content and traditional entertainment into one seamless whole. Yes, the Idiot Box is dead and in its place we have the Smart TV that is revolutionizing entertainment as we know it.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV - 55LA6910

Now the next question that comes up is which Smart TV is the smartest? With some truly amazing features and advanced technology, LG Smart TVs are ruling the turf. For instance, look at the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, which as the name tells you, is Smart. Now, what sets it apart from other TVs in its class?

The answer is the Magic Remote, which will redefine how you interact with your TV. With four modes that let you control your Smart TV easily, you can use it to simply point and click on the apps and services you want to use or use the remote like a computer mouse to scroll up and down. You can use it to talk to your TV for truly interactive entertainment as the Voice Recognition function helps the TV understand your words and search on YouTube and Internet accordingly or you could use it to control your TV with simple gestures.

Magic Motion Remote

What else makes this sensational 3D LED TV a real gem? A truly exciting feature of LG LED Smart TVs is the Time Machine. The futuristic sounding feature lets you record TV programs so that you can rewind, pause, and re-watch your favorite TV shows at leisure.

Another feature that adds a definitive edge to LG Smart TVs is SmartShareTM. It comes with MiracastTM, a feature that makes it possible to connect your TV, smartphones and tablets wirelessly, enabling easy transfer and sharing of digital content on the TV screen while Intel’s Wireless Display or Wi-Di lets you connect your laptop PCs to the TV easily. You can watch TV programs or Blu-ray titles on your tablet PC or smartphone using the 2nd Display feature or watch HD content from your phone on the TV screen using the Mobile HD Link. And, with Network File Browser, you can easily access files on all DLNA compatible devices or connected external hard drives.

Smart Share

With such incredible features under its belt, LG is all set to transform your TV viewing experience. To know more about LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs in detail and how easy it is to use their amazing features, look out for our upcoming posts.

And don’t forget to check out the range of LG Cinema 3D Smart TVs here – http://www.lg.com/in/3d-tv

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  1. jaswanth2788

    LG LED 3D TVs are not good. I have a problem in my 47 inches LED 3D TV from 2 months. There is no solution for this till now. I raised many complaints(4-5). And the TV is just 4months old when I got the problem.

    • LG

      Dear Jaswanth, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details here: bit.ly/LG_Assist for a quicker resolution.

  2. Ashwin535

    I recently bought the LG LB6500 42 inch, I really cannot understand after me paying so much the picture quality is so bad. I was advised to take the DTH HD connection which I did even after this the picture quality is really bad and the TV is just 2days old. I’m really unhappy with the product I would like to have this exchanged to a better one with good pixels. I’m a movie buff and a gamer as well wats my next step…

    • LG

      Dear Ashwin, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details here: bit.ly/LG_Assist for a quicker resolution.


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