LG Q6 – The Affordable Premium

Welcome to the world of technological innovations, where thousands of smartphone ideas come to life each day. In fact recently some of the well-known brands just launched their fully featured phones. But is it necessary that to own such a phone you’ve to shell out, a hefty amount?


LG presents LG Q6 smartphone with some of the sought after premium features, thin bezel design at an extremely attractive price. With an amalgamation of great features such as 18:9 wide screen, facial recognition and military grade durability, it surely will give its consumers, the best possible experience.

After LG G6’s critically acclaimed FullVision Display and slim design, Q6 is the first midrange phone with this technology. It also offers a 1 time free screen replacement within 6 months.

Mr. Amit Gujral, Chief Marketing Officer, LG Electronics India said that LG Q6 is a perfect example of Usability and Aesthetics. It offers Full Vision Display (18:9) which happens to be first in Industry at this price point so that consumers are able to enjoy the best of technology from the house of LG.

Features of LG Q6

Let’s have a look at some of the key features of LG Q6 –

·  Lot More Screen with 18:9 Wide Display

Link- < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eBVTOtuK9w >

The mid-price LG Q6 with minimized bezel makes it the first smartphone to bring this feature to the masses. The 5.5-inch FHD+ FullVision display in the LG Q6 with the 18:9 aspect ratio makes the viewing experience more immersive. The demand for a bigger screen and smaller phone makes it the perfect phone.

·  Multi-tasking Convenience

The 18:9 display provides complete multi-tasking support in LG Q6. The screen can be divided into two perfectly square windows which means now users can see and work on two different apps at the same time.

·  Strong & Durable Smartphone

The metal frame surrounding the Q6 is made of ultra-strong 7000 series aluminium. Being one of the highest strength aluminium alloys available, it has been designed to stand impact from all directions. This is what makes the phone sleek, minimal and light. It has also passed 12 MIL STD 810G standard tests for durability i.e. the phone is tough for U.S military use. 

·  Beautiful Design with Comfort to hold

Link < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f5lS-IZA_s >

LG Q6 has a stylish metallic frame. It is lightweight and sturdy for a more durable day-to-day usage experience. The rounded corners and the metal frame also adds to this. The ergonomic research during the development of the LG G6, shows that it is comfortableto hold and for one handed operation.

·  Battery Quality Tests

The LG Q6 smartphone has undergone an exhaustive range of battery tests that exceeds international test standards. It underwent over 20 battery tests including heat, penetration and shock tests. For high temperature tests, it was conducted at 140˚C compared to the 130˚C conducted globally. The heat in LG Q6 is managed by the thermal pad cooling system which keeps the temperature low.

·  Unlock with Face Recognition

With Face Recognition feature, the LG Q6 smartphone allows the users to unlock their phones faster and with lesser hassle. Now no need to type, draw, write or fingerprint, just lift the phone and the face recognition feature will wake your phone.


·  Fun with Experiential Camera 

With LG’s heritage of excellence in optics, the 100-degree wide angle selfie camera in LG Q6allows shutterbugs to capture a large group in a single shot. The camera UX automatically captures a selfie when it recognizes a face. It also allows the user to adjust skin tones and apply various filters.
The Square Camera Mode makes it easy to “share your squares” or create photo collages seamlessly.

Why Should You Buy?

There are many reasons what makes LG Q6 a must buy for all-

  • Full Vision 18:9 Display
  • Slim Bezel design phone at less than 15k
  • 12 MIL STD 810 Standard certified
  • 100˚ Wide Angled Selfie (No need for a Selfie Stick)
  • Unlock with Face Recognition at this price

Apart from these, this smartphone has been especially designed to impress with its impeccable style and specifications. The response since the launch has been truly overwhelming. Currently the LG Q6 is available exclusively on Amazon, priced at INR 14,990. For more info click here < http://www.lg.com/in/lgq6 >


  • LG Q6 – The Affordable Premium
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