Looking into 2012 Trends through CES

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) inLas Vegaswas a big deal again, with manufacturers of all sizes showing off their latest technology and giving insight to what’s coming this year. LG unveiled some true innovations this year, many of which will set the trend in the industry for 2012, and many more years to come.


The Future of TVs

Most innovative of all was LG’s 55-inch Organic LED (OLED) TV. It’s also the world’s slimmest at just 4mm, and the world’s lightest at just 7.5kg! This beauty brought about a lot of Ooohs and Aaahs at the CES LG Press Conference, and all for good reason. The LG 55-inch OLED TV is simply stunning in both looks and quality.

 The LG 55-inch 3D OLED TV absolutely surreal

The immaculate picture quality from OLEDs promises out-of-this-world viewing and they are amazingly thin, and incredibly energy efficient. On top of that, the ultra-wide viewing angle means you can watch them from just about anywhere in the room without losing any quality.


Immersive Viewing

When you want to watch a movie, you want to be immersed in it. It’s the ultimate TV experience, when you lose yourself into the action and forget everything around you. To achieve that, we shaved off the sides of the CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, leaving almost nothing around the edges of the panel except a bezel that measures up to 1mm thin! We call in the CINEMA SCREEN design, and as we like to say, go ahead, dive in!

The new LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV with a barely noticeable 1mm bezel

LG also introduced Ultra Definition to pump up the immersive. UD delivers 4 times the resolution of FULL HD TVs, meaning a whopping 8 million pixels or more on a single TV screen. And yes, 4 times the resolution equals 4 times the picture clarity equals many times the viewing enjoyment for you and the whole family.

The World’s Largest 84-inch Ultra Definition CINEMA 3D Smart TV

 Let’s recap: we’ve got a nearly zero-bezel combined with Ultra Definition viewing. What else could you need? How about a bigger screen? Thanks to the amazing advances of Ultra Definition, LG was able to roll out the world’s largest 84-inch UD CINEMA 3D Smart TV. It doesn’t get any bigger than that (for now!) and that’s what we call immersive viewing.


More 3D!

Last year, LG led the growth wave for 3D TVs by getting aggressive with our passive technology, also known as FPR or Film Patterned Retarder-type 3D. We also rolled out some great 3D content.

You can now officially expect more. The new line-up of CINEMA 3D TVs comes with upgraded 3D features for better picture and the sound. No 3D content? No problem. Just flip the switch and watch the 2D input convert to 3D. And with the click of a button, users can control the depth of the 3D effects with the 3D depth control feature, access even more premium 3D content on demand, and even experience 3D sound zooming, that intelligently delivers Home Theater-like sound experience.



Smarter, Easier and More Fun

Smart TVs will become much smarter, making and easier and more enjoyable for users around the world.

LG’s Smart TV platform has seen a major upgrade, starting with Home Dashboard 2.0. You can now fully customize your apps on the Home Dashboard, making it easier to access all of your favorite contents.

Speak up into your Magic Remote!

And to access your favorite content, you’ll be able to use the new Magic Remote that now features a scroll wheel, voice command support, and even Magic Gestures to command your TV.

The New CINEMA 3D Smart TVs also supports full body gaming, through a 3D camera.


Share the Fun!

We’re all connected these days, and that means sharing our content. LG’s 3D ecosystem sets up all your sharing seamlessly through LG 3D devices, including 3D TVs, 3D notebook computers, 3D mobile phones and more. And this year’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV models will feature Intel’s Wireless Display technology, allowing users to easily share all the content stored in other devices, right on the screen of their TV, without wires and even without internet connection. Let your gadgets talk directly to your TV.

And speaking of sharing, we shouldn’t forget that new CINEMA 3D Smart TVs come with 4 pairs of glasses so you can easily share the fun with your friends.

Can’t you just tell that 2012 is going to be an exciting year for us all? Beautiful designs, exceptionally thin bezels, stunning picture quality. And so much more content for people to enjoy and share with your friends. Brace yourselves for more from LG Electronics.

For more information, head over to our CES Newsroom. (Go to Newsroom)


  • Looking into 2012 Trends through CES
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