Millward Brown Picks LG CINEMA 3D TV Ads as Best-Liked

Millward Brown Picks LG CINEMA 3D TV Ads as Best-Liked

Nobody likes to get hit over the head with an advertisement. When we advertise our CINEMA 3D TVs, we want people to enjoy the ads as much as they enjoy our TVs. Definitely easier said than done, because making great ads that really resonate with people is a complex, often hit-or-miss process.

And it’s worth pointing out that with so many new ads coming out each day across the digital frontier, it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to create truly memorable ones.

Recently a leading global research company by the name of Millward Brown picked our CINEMA 3D TV ads as the best-liked ad from July 2010 to June 2011 in South Africa. And we couldn’t have been happier.

The “LG 3D TV: More Fun” ad was developed as part of LG’s global ad campaign for our FPR-type CINMEA 3D TVs, delivering the message that LG CINEMA 3D TVs, using LG’s outstanding FPR technology, could make 3D TVs much more enjoyable.

The “More Fun” ad campaign is an ad based on a humorous lab test, showing the superior brightness of LG CINEMA 3D TVs compared to conventional 3D TVs.

As Millward Brown stated in their news release, LG “used a humorous creative strategy, which always works for consumers. And at a time when brands were cutting marketing budgets, the ad worked across markets worldwide.”

The choice shows that these ads stick to our goals of delivering what conventional 3D TVs simply can’t: a truly comfortable and enjoyable 3D experience.

According to Millward Brown, “a great advertisement grabs the consumer’s attention, stays true to the brand, affects the consumer’s brand experience, and engages and entertains, while sending a clear and simple message.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Take a look the ad below. It speaks for itself.

  • Millward Brown Picks LG CINEMA 3D TV Ads as Best-Liked
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