Fall in Love with Your Workplace

The workplace is a place where we spend almost half of our working life! A place where you want to be the last one to punch in but the first one punch out. A place that gives you the chills when it co ...

May 29, 2019  8:45 pm

Reasons to buy LG UHD 4K Smart AI ThinQ™ TV

In the world of entertainment, where each day presents endless possibilities. A TV is not just another source of entertainment but a complete package. A package that is up-to-date with latest technolo ...

April 1, 2019  8:06 pm

Breathe Pure with LG Air Purifier

Do you admire the beauty of a starry night sky? As dawn surfaces, do you enjoy the freshness of a morning breeze? Beauty of such nature’s wonders seems like a distant dream to those leading an urban l ...

December 11, 2018  9:26 pm
October 5, 2018  2:28 pm

Greenovation Across Sectors

Last time, we talked about the concept of Greenovation that is solely dedicated towards providing the planet with an energy saving and Green commercial air-conditioning system. Greenovation is unique ...

August 10, 2018  10:22 pm

Towards Greenovation

Nature is the song of earth and every tune it hums turns it into an enchanted picturesque sight. In its purest form, every breath can infuse your lungs with a whiff of air that will rejuvenate your so ...

July 4, 2018  1:22 pm


Imagine a time, a time when you can talk to your microwave oven through to make your favourite dish? A time when you can ask your TV to search shows that suit your taste? That time is now as LG Electr ...

May 30, 2018  9:08 pm

Plight of Clean Drinking Water

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! Imagine if all the water in the planet becomes too unhealthy to drink, what will you do? Though pollution has already taken a toll on our nature, the a ...

April 26, 2018  3:04 pm
March 22, 2018  6:48 pm

Knock Knock! It’s LG InstaView

Every knock has a story to tell. What begins with a knock often unfolds to a beautiful surprise. LG InstaView Refrigerator has been designed with the same instinct, to leave the knockers in awe with i ...

February 20, 2018  8:14 pm
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