Faster, Simpler, Safer- The LG Chromebase

  Finally the much awaited LG Chromebase comes to India. It’s one machine that has got all the world talking! Now in a market already flooded with more and more desktops, what does LG Chromebase ...

December 2, 2014  9:39 am
November 27, 2014  5:59 am

The purity perspective!

We all want to stay in good health, now don’t we? And we make many efforts in doing so. Specially in what we are consuming every day. And as a matter of fact water is something we ensure is safe to dr ...

November 19, 2014  9:21 am

LG Curved OLED TV: The Revolution in Evolution!

The TV technology has been constantly evolving, bringing newer and better dimensions to TV watching experience. Right from the shape, size to the resolution and picture quality. That’s what matters th ...

November 3, 2014  10:21 am

LG ICC Awards: Celebrating the Star Performers!

The most awaited awards for excellence in cricket: LG ICC Awards are back! For almost 10 years LG in association with ICC has been celebrating the game's heroes and role models based on the performanc ...

October 24, 2014  1:26 pm
October 22, 2014  7:01 am

India Celebrates Happiness with LG

The time for celebrations is here and everybody is ready to indulge and share good times & happiness with friends, family and loved ones. We at LG are also pretty much excited about these festive ...

October 14, 2014  8:15 am

Are you ready to be the next Mallika-E-Kitchen?

Your favorite cooking contest is back: Mallika-E-Kitchen cooking contest: Season 6. LG's Mallika-e-Kitchen contest is India's biggest amateur chefs' cooking competition is currently entering the sixth ...

October 6, 2014  11:38 am
September 19, 2014  12:12 pm
September 16, 2014  5:30 am
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