PC Magazine Picks LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV 47LW5600 as Best LED HDTV of the Year

“Everything you could want” – PC Magazine

Are you making a TV purchase and trying to figure out which 3D LED Smart TV is the right one for you and your family?

The market is packed with options, and virtually every model from most of the manufacturers forces you to make a choice between price and all the latest top-of-the-line features. But how can you know you’ve got the right combination? And why do you have to choose at all?

We admit, the last one was rhetorical, and it’s the basic point made by the experts at PC Magazine when they chose LG’s 47LW5600 as the Best HDTV of year 2011. Outstanding picture quality, affordable price tag, comfortable glasses, an abundance of features, and the list goes on.

PC Magazine knows their electronics goods. In fact, millions of readers rely on their expertise to make better purchase decisions every year. And the experts fell head over heels for the 47LW5600.

So what made these tech-savvy experts at PC Magazine choose the 47LW5600 over all the other LED HDTVs in the market? Take a look at the TV first.

The 47LW5600 is a beautifully designed 47-inch CINEMA 3D LED Smart TV, based by LG’s outstanding Film Patterned Retarder-type 3D technology. Packaged with 4 pairs of lightweight, comfortable, and battery-free glasses, the 47LW5600 delivers amazingly beautiful 2D and 3D quality, along with easy-to-use Smart TV functions as well.

Before PC Magazine picked this model for the Best of 2011, it was also the editor’s choice, recognized for delivering outstanding 3D with comfortable glasses as well. PC Magazine editors were also thoroughly impressed by the “inky blacks, excellent color quality, low power usage, and a robust feature set” of the 47LW5600.

And navigation is a breeze with LG’s Magic Remote. Users can switch channels, change setting, access Smart TV apps and more, all with a few clicks and waving of LG’s intuitive Magic Remote. You use it like a magic wand and it acts like an on-screen mouse.

PC Magazine also noted the thoughtfulness of how the peripheral ports are positioned, making it easy for users to access USB and HDMI ports, even when the unit is mounted on the wall.

The bottom line: the LG 47LW5600 CINEMA 3D LED Smart TV “brings together everything you could want in an LED HDTV.” Excellent pictures, tons of networked features, great remote controls, and affordable glasses. All that AND an affordable price. What more could you ask for?

  • PC Magazine Picks LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV 47LW5600 as Best LED HDTV of the Year
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