Relive Every Moment with LG G6

Clean roads, fresh air and a fantastic weather – as monsoon hits the town, it’s time to hit the roads! But will it really count without some cool stunning snaps? Flaunt your IP68 certified water and dust resistant LG G6 with style and get ready to capture some fantastic shots.



Now, close your eyes and imagine the rain-kissed trees, rainbow in the sky, the scent of soaked earth and soft breeze touching your face. Isn’t that mesmerizing? What if you could capture all these in your camera while it was raining? This is where LG G6 comes in. With a plethora of features, let’s talk about this stunning camera and its various modes.

The Wide-angled Wonders

This power-packed device comes with dual 13MP 125 degree rear cameras and a 71 degree front shooter. Both of these rear and front cameras are wide angled and if you’re wondering whether interchanging the cameras for a quick selfie and the awesome scenic is difficult, simply hold that thought! Switching to the cameras- rear, front and the wide-angled mode is easy. With a double tap on the volume button along, experience a seamless skipping between the two cameras.


Fun Begins with Camera Modes

That’s not all, the standard camera interface of LG G6 smartphone comes with 4 modes viz. auto, square camera, manual and manual video mode.

Hassle-free Auto Mode

The mostly used auto mode is favourite of all. It consists of various sub-modes such as auto, pop-out, slo-mo, 360 degree, time lapse, a food mode for the hard-core foodies.

The pop-out mode is a unique addition that uses both the lenses for a slightly different effect.
Captured by slow panning, it captures ultimate 360 degree panoramas but you can hit stop anytime you would like to.


Like a Pro with Manual Mode

The manual mode in LG G6 is a versatile one. It displays an active focus points, manual control over essential shooting parameters among others. You have the freedom to set shutter speed as low as 30secs for longer exposures even in video shoots. It also has a large number of features for budding videographers.

Get Funky with Square Camera Mode

Why so serious? It is monsoon and fun just begins with the Square Camera Mode. It’s time to get creative with snaps. Designed especially for Instagram users to add some spunk to their social media game, the feature is quite delightful. Now capture in one and preview pic in the other or simply blend two photos with the Match Shot mode. There’s no need for those long hours of editing.

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Manual Video Mode

The manual video mode comes with a lot of controls. You can now set frame rates, ISO and shutter speed along with accurate audio as well as graphic settings.



For the Love of Selfie Camera

If you’re an avid selfie-lover, then all you need to do is take seamlessly gesture shot. Just make a fist in front of the camera and your LG G6 will do the rest. Yes, it also comes with various beauty modes that will not only smoothen your skin among many other features that will not make you look plastic or cakey. Click all your friends in one frame or simply capture more background and wow everyone with your selfies.


This rainy season, don’t hold yourself back! Engage in selfies, capture the magic of monsoon through the lenses. Rejuvenate your senses with the breath-taking pictures and discover a newer world with the LG G6 smartphone camera that delivers striking images. Capture and re-live these moments every-time with the immersive FullVision display. This monsoon, see more hold less and feel everything.

  • Relive Every Moment with LG G6
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  1. Arjun

    Im a student.. I watched lots n lots of videos about lg g6 unboxing.. I absolutely loved phone.. But i dont have enough money to buy it:(.. I hope to buy it one day.. Keep up the good work lg team.. I would recommend thi phone to each and every use case

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