Save Everyday with Jet Spray Technology

When was the last time your kids went and returned home from a game with spotless clothes? Still thinking? It’s so because hardly there ever was such a time when kids came back home spotless clean. Be it your kids or anyone you know, it’s very hard to keep your clothes sparkling clean even if you’re wearing it to office everyday or to a party occasionally.

Everyday wear needs special cleaning but along with it, the texture of the fabric must not be compromised with. It must be handled with care. However, the point of concern is the high water and power consumption. Introducing Jet Spray Technology in LG Top Load Washing Machines that not only ensures sparkling clean clothes but also provides a solution to this problem.

The Jet Spray Technology is known to save up to 70 L of water per wash. Imagine, what all is possible if each day a considerable amount of water is saved? With low water bill, this technology is also a major a step towards water conservation. Every individual now can do their bit and play an important role when it comes to saving natural resources for mankind.



Secondly, this technology plays a major part in saving power too. It consumes up to 40% less power with reduced cycle time and still washes cloth clean seamlessly. Now wash without worrying about mounting electricity bills and contribute towards the environment by conserving electricity. The Jet spray technology has simplified scrubbing dirty clothes. The nozzle sprays water with greater force and the water penetrates into the cloth strands removing all stains with a perfect rinse.

If you’re looking for the washing technology that lets you bid goodbye to daily scrubbing, this is it. LG washing machines with Jet Spray Technology is ideal for homes and it is the best friend of a home-maker. Now save water, save energy and save money everyday!

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  • Save Everyday with Jet Spray Technology
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  1. Mohsin Premji

    I have recently purchased a Direct Drive washing machine on 15-Jan-2017 by model T1064HFES5C.
    When the company person came for demo the jet spray was not working. So he launched a complaint and ordered a new electric Board, after 7 days, he came and changed it, but still the JET SPRAY was not working.

    The technician told me to send it to service center for repairs.

    My question is that when I have paid in full for a new washer, and if the main feature of the machine is not working, why should I settle for a repaired piece. I think LG should give me a new Machine in proper working condition, and not a repaired one. awaiting reply.


    Otherwise, mildew may take place once again quite soon. So exactly what are you currently lingering for?

    Remove foil-wrapped insulation at front behind which is the gain access to plate.


    The first is a home medical equipment store they carry these in addition to other
    necessaries. You would need to guarantee that the piecesare in percentage to each other and also fit well into
    your house.

  4. Khondoker Ahaduzzaman

    Dear Sir,

    My washing machine model no. LG WF T2108 VSAL. I have brought it on 20/01/2018.
    The Jet Spray function is not working. Please advice me.

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