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LG Electronics opened door to innovation with the #SeeMoreHoldLess concept in its latest flagship, the LG G6. Featuring bold new screen aspect ratio, ergonomic excellence, glass metal design, superb durability, are you impressed? Well, we haven’t begun with the main features of the much anticipated Full Vision G6 yet.

On April 24th, 2016, LG G6 was launched in India. Mr. Kim Ki Wan, Managing Director, LG Electronics India said that with LG G6, we live up to the promise of offering breakthrough technology and distinctive features along with great aesthetics.  To it Mr. Amit Gujral, Head Corporate Marketing, LG Electronic India added that it is the perfect blend of all consumer’s desire of minimalistic design, ergonomic excellence and superb durability.

The newest addition to the LG G family, G6 is a simple answer as to what you want from your smartphone. Apart from being an essential tool, it is also a companion to the modern consumer that is now loaded with features.


A Balanced Design

Tired of bulky or fragile devices? LG G6 overcomes both the challenge with its perfectly ergonomic size. It is available in 3 colors- Black, White and Platinum.  Now it can fit into the slimmest pocket even with a 5.7 inch screen size and perfectly rounded corners. With a body of metal and glass, it has the perfect modern urban design.

More to See, Less to Hold

The narrow bezel with rounded corners not only complement the phone design but also disperses the impact when dropped. A research team led by Dr. Andris Freivalds, Pennsylvania University and Dr. Ji Yong-gu, Yonsei University tested LG G6 for stability while holding the phone in hand for various postures, muscle fatigue etc. It has passed the MIL-STD 810G tests with flying colors.

Built for the Unexpected

LG G6 is in league when it comes to reliability. The IP68 certified phone is resistant to dust and water. In short, the phone is safe when immersed up to 1.5 metres of water for as long as 30 minutes.


LG G6 Viewing Experience

An important aspect that users consider is its display quality – from overall experience to its screen size, resolution and what nots. The 5.7 inch QHD+ Full vision display comes with a resolution of 2880X1440 pixels.

FullVision Display

Compared to conventional 16:9 screen aspect ratio, LG G6 extends to 18:9 or 2:1 ratio. In fact LG has managed to fit a 5.7 inch screen on a 5.2 inch body which offers 11.3% more viewing area. The experience is certainly more immersive.

On-Screen Balance

Perfect for multi-tasking, this phone takes split screen to another level. Watch a video while keeping an eye for the messages in two perfect squares when the phone is held vertically.

Ultimate Color, Contrast & Clarity

LG is the first manufacturer to have incorporated Dolby Vision technology with its Quad HD Display. Watch brighter pictures, better light to dark contrast along with never before seen colors in a mobile screen with finesse. Experience best of both world with Dolby Vision and HDR10 support.


Camera for Social Media Generation

When it comes to camera, LG G6 continues its legacy of excellent camera capabilities. It has been especially designed for the social media generation that is simply into selfies and wefies – without a selfie stick.

Best of Hardware

It comes with dual wide angle camera that makes taking picture, a complete delight. With reduced distortion, the 5MP front camera covers a wide angle of 100 degrees approx. Now get more in and leave nothing out, the 13MP rear camera with 125 degree field of view- almost identical to the human eye.

Fun to Use Software

The latest LG UX 6.0 comes with photographic features and the new 18:9 display allows the user to view it and get creative in a number of ways. The square camera mode optimized for Instagram with Snapshot mode allows the user to preview after capturing a photo while the match shot mode blends two photograph among many other such modes.


Reliability and Safety

To make the LG G6 a more durable phone, it comes with a heat pipe commonly used in laptops and PCs. It reduces the temperature by 6-10 percent of the Application Processor as it has been designed with ample space between the AP and LCD Driver.

Long-life Battery

Embedded with 3300mAh battery, it has been tested at 15 percent higher temperature than normal battery heat exposure for your safety.


LG has also introduced a new interface, LG UX 6.0 tailored for absolute convenience and benefits. It also comes with an out of the box, Google Assistant that blends AI with voice activation. LG G6 is a more refined approach to premium smartphones. Discover the notably big screen that actually fits in one hand with LG G6 smartphone, designed to leave an everlasting impression on its users.



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