[Shoppers Guide] 3D TVs for Every Room of Your House

[Shoppers Guide] 3D TVs for Every Room of Your House

Remember when TVs were still a “luxury?”

Typically, households were a one family-one TV story and you’d find the one TV right in the living room where it could be viewed by everyone. Today, of course, families have TVs throughout the home. Technology has made them not only more affordable but also smaller and easier to fit into all the various rooms of our houses. Now we see TVs in the living room, the bedrooms, and even the kitchen and bathroom.

Given all the various TVs out there, here’s a few recommendations that could be the perfect fit for every corner of the house and every type of character.


The Living Room

TVs are still for the most part, something for the entire family to enjoy. And that’s why your living room TV should consider the tastes of every member of the family. We recommend the LW98 series, a 55-inch FULL LED LG CINEMA 3D TV. These LED backlit 3D TVs are full array LED with extremely high contrast ratios that can be viewed from a wide angle by many people at the same time. Together with LG’s 3D sound Home Theater System, your family can enjoy a truly movie theater-like experience right in the comfort of your living room. There’s no need to pay extra for 3D movies at the theater. With a simple click of the Magic Motion Remote Control, you can choose from the pool of premium 3D content.

Recently launched at IFA 2011, the LW98 is a beautiful FULL LED LG CINEMA 3D TV that fits perfectly in any living room.

The Kid’s Room

Kids can be a handful, right? Leaving them for one minute could mean a very creative mural on the entire wall. You may think keeping your walls clean without having to discourage your children’s creativity is a never-ending dilemma. But don’t jump to conclusions. Take a look at the LG Plasma Pentouch TV, the perfect solution to your walls and your children’s creativity. It’s a full touch screen TV, enabled by 4 pens that come in the box. Now just hand your kids the stylus pen for sketches, photo edits, and even games. If you see really great works of art, you can always save them or print right from the TV interface.

LG Plasma Pentouch TV provides hours of fun for the kids and, best of all, there’s no mess on your walls! 

The Hard Core Gamers

There are two kinds of hard core gamers in this world. Some like to play alone and some like to do battle with their friends. If your house happens to have one of the latter, you should really think about LG CINEMA 3D TV with Dual Play feature. It delivers two entirely different full screen images for multiplayer games—say goodbye to split screen! Just slip one of the pairs of glasses that come in the package and let the games begin.

The Dual Play feature brings to different sets of glasses and two different screens for the optimum multiplayer gaming experience

The Bedroom

Having a TV in the bedroom is great for watching TV in a more personal space, especially if your kids don’t like your shows (sound familiar?). Usually bedrooms call for a more intimate screen. There’s no need to go overboard, right? Two good choices are the LW6500 with a 47-inch screen or the LW5300 with a 42-inch screen. Don’t be fooled by the smaller screen size. These models are a perfect fit for any bedroom, with great 3D and Smart TV functionality. That means you can watch great 3D shows and movies whenever you want, and surf the web or manage your social media accounts, all at the same time! So no more notebook computers to balance on your lap while on the bed!

The LW6500 may be smaller in size than your living room TV but it still delivers the same great 3D picture quality

Once you have every corner of your home covered with LG’s latest CINEMA 3D TVs, there’s another great advantage that’s waiting for you. All of your 3D TVs in your house work on the same great FPR technology, which means you can walk from room to room with just a single pair on all the different TVs you own. They’re light, they’re stylish, and they’re very affordable. One pair per family member is enough!

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