Sleeker Smarter Magic Remote

Sleeker Smarter Magic Remote

LG landed at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with plenty of new breathtaking TVs. They came in different designs, sizes, hardware, and platform. We also sprinkled on a bit of magic to make them all work even better: our brand new upgraded Magic Remote.

Our previous line-up of Magic Remotes, also known as the Magic Motion Remote Control, was an innovative input device that provided the convenience of an on-screen pointer to interact with the TV. It’s a simple process to pair it with the TV and users could move the pointer like a mouse, letting them click on menus and navigate with ease. It was a remote control in a class by itself.

Well, the new Magic Remote is not only much sleeker than its older brother, it’s much smarter, too, with some very innovative upgrades.

 The new Magic Remote fits perfectly in your hand, and adds amazing new features that will blow you away!

 All New Design

The first thing that will strike you is that the Magic Remote sports an all-new sleek and stylish arched design. And, the ergonomics are outstanding, making it easier to grip and use. With smooth lines and a stylish finish, it is a truly magical looking device.

Magic Wheel

Actually a scroll wheel isn’t anything new. But sometimes, something as simple as the scroll wheel we all use on our pc mouse, can make a world of difference when it’s paired up with the right device.

Instead of pushing buttons to move around the screen, the pointer and the scroll wheel make the experience much easier and more enjoyable.

And when you grab it and use it for the first time to navigate web pages and menus, it’ll feel like you’ve been hit over the head with a hammer, and you’ll ask yourself: “Why in the world weren’t remote controls made like this before?”

Magic Pattern Gesture

Who says watching TV is the number 1 reason for obesity among Americans? Another new feature of the Magic Remote is gesture support. It’s really not much different from waving a magic wand. With simple arm or wrist movements, like moving the Magic remote sideways to surf to the previous channel, or drawing a V shape to call up a list of programs and contents you watched, you can easily control your CINEMA 3D Smart TV. You can even use the gesture feature to play games on your TV as well. So now, you can burn some calories while having some fun with your TV at the same time!

Voice Recognition: The New Magic Remote is waiting for you to tell it what to do!

Voice Recognition

The new voice recognition support on the Magic Remote allows you to speak to your TV when searching on the web. No Qwerty keyboard required either. Just pick up the Magic Remote and start talking. The advanced voice recognition software is very accurate, and will catch precisely what you’re saying.

One-button 3D Conversion

A new button has been added to the Magic Remote that will allow users to instantly convert 2D content into brilliant 3D. No need to search around the on screen menu any more. Whenever you see a program that you like, just hit the button, sit back and enjoy!

The Magic Remote is where the great experience with your LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV starts. On top of the on-screen pointer that you maneuver with your Magic Remote, newly added features greatly expand the action you can engage in to control your TV. It’s easy to use, it’s powerful, and in our humble opinion, it’s the nicest looking TV remote we’ve ever seen!

  • Sleeker Smarter Magic Remote
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