The Future of Washing is Here!



LG Washing Machine, a leader in this segment, controls over 37% of the market share with its innovative technology. Continuing its venture, LG introduces LG Sapience Washing Machine range with futuristic smart inverter motor, a technology so advanced that even the aliens must have it. Check out the latest TV Commercial.

Apart from the futuristic smart inverter motor, the LG Top Load Sapience Washing Machine offers a plethora of amazing features in terms of efficiency, art of washing as well as technology.

The Future Ready Smart Inverter Motor

Ready to take on the future with this latest innovation from LG and discover a newer and smarter way of doing your laundry.

What is Smart Inverter Technology?

Conventional motor type starts and stops giving low fuel efficiency while the inverter type motor varies its speed but doesn’t stop. The Inverter Motor, an energy saving technology efficiently uses controls and uses the energy for giving a higher efficiency output. It is also known for its quite operation, low vibration and higher durability.



Better Wash with LG Smart Motion &TurboDrum

It lets LG Top Load Sapience Washing Machine to upgrade their way of washing and provides better performance


Smart Motion Technology



Smart motion in LG Top Load Washing Machine enhances the washing of clothes with better care.

There are 3 kinds of tub movements – agitating, rotating and swing.

The Agitating tub movement offers powerful washing that removes heavy stains.

The Rotating tub movement keeps the clothes free from tangling. It untangles the clothes at the end of wash and rinse cycle.

The Swing Tub movement offers delicate wash by minimizing fabric damage.



It offers the care of a hand-wash that removes toughest of dirt easily with TurboDrum. The strong stream of rotating drum and pulsator in opposite direction is crucial for your sparkling clothes.


World’s First 6 Motion DD Technology

The next step in the evolution of washing machines but LG is the leader in it. It has been customized for improved energy efficiency and motor control. Unique because of its noiseless operation, the motor in here is directly attached to the drum. It smoothens the engine and drum movement by reducing the friction and offers enhanced durability as it doesn’t require the belt.



How it Works?

The LG 6 Motion Direct Drive consists of the following-

Wave force: The Strong water currents gently remove dirt and stains.

Compressing: It dissolves detergent with high speed spinning and squeezing

Agitating: Powerful wash removes even the most stubborn stain and dirt.

Rubbing: It efficiently scrubs off old stains.

Rotating: The back and forth rotating pulsator detangles cloth seamlessly

Swing: It smoothly washes the delicate clothes with ease.


It offers 20%* better washing performance while reducing energy consumption by 25%* and lower water consumption by 45%*.

Smart Diagnosis

If there’s a fault, use the LG App or make a phone call to the LG Service centre. An easy and convenient solution to the trouble shooting problems which is economic in nature as it saves on servicing cost.

Safe & Convenient Way of doing Laundry

It provides a safer way of washing your clothes in the following ways-

  • Soft and wide glass door is shock resistant, anti-scratch, noise reducing and wide view.
  • Auto Restart begins the wash again from where it stopped during a power failure.
  • Auto Pre-Wash is the easiest way to remove stains in one-touch
  • Side Waterfall mixes water and detergent for reducing detergent residue irritation on skin

Smart Care Features

Apart from many astounding technology that this LG Washing Machine hones here are some of the smart features-

  • Aqua Reserve helps to reuse the water left after a wash or rinse cycle
  • The 10 water level selection ensures economic usage
  • Care of hand wash with best use of detergent
  • Anti-bacterial filter protects the clothes and keeps them fresh longer
  • Mixes the detergent well and Sprays water throughout the cycle
  • Express wash for lightly soiled clothes in just 19 minutes
  • It air dries for 60, 90 and 120 minutes to reduce moisture, bad odour and bacteria


Why it’s a Must Buy?

  • Best Technology
  • Better saving & durability
  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Lower Water Consumption
  • Smart,Safe and Convenient Features


Indeed, LG Sapience Washing Machines are ready for the future as it comes with the latest in innovation that saves on bills and is environment friendly as well. Now, don’t wait for the futuristic technology, the future of washing is already here. Take a look at the complete range here



  • The Future of Washing is Here!
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