The purity perspective!

LG Water Purifier

We all want to stay in good health, now don’t we? And we make many efforts in doing so. Specially in what we are consuming every day. And as a matter of fact water is something we ensure is safe to drink. And why not, impure water acts as a carrier of many diseases. And mostly, to get the safe drinking water every day we rely on the RO purifier. So we are at peace at least the water is safe to drink. What if we tell you no it’s not! Not that we doubting about the purification part of it. But have you ever thought about the storage of water in your RO. It’s stored in plastic tank. “So what?” you might as well say! So let us put it straight: Do you know that the stored water in a plastic tank is not so safe to drink after 6 hours! Moreover have you noticed that the yellow colored spots on the storage tank of your RO are actually algae? If you haven’t noticed it, it’s time you do. And at times when you find the water has a foul smell or is bitter in taste, it could be due to the plastic tank. So we thought why just not to replace the plastic tank with a steel one, so you get hygienic, pure and safe drinking water all the time. Which led us to make the India’s first ‘True Water Purifier’ with stainless steel tank. And it’s not just the steel tank that the LG Water Purifier offers, but also advanced and better purification technologies that provide you safer and pure water even when you haven’t stayed home and are back from a holiday. And with dual Silicon sealing, be sure that no insects will enter the storage tank!  So go ahead and say yes to good health with LG True Water Purifier. To know more about the LG Water Purifier:

  • The purity perspective!
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