The world of Selfie made better with LG G3!

LG G3 Gesture Selfie

Selfie is the word! With everyone turning the camera towards them, the love for selfies can be seen very easily! If you look up to social media, a rush of selfies on timelines is a testament to the ever increasing craze of the selfies. And people are finding various ways to make their selfies interesting and stunning!

Now the icing on the cake: The world of selfie as you know it is going to change completely with the launch of all new LG G3. With the smart phone that’s one of its kind, you’ll discover a completely new way to take a selfie. The selfie feature of the phone works with a simple gesture. All you need to do is show your palm open to the LG G3 camera as if you’re saying hi! Now close your hand to form a fist and voila! There you go with a selfie in the next 3 seconds! So you get decent enough time to pose like whatever you feel like! And you get a brilliant selfie that’s captured from a 13MP camera with optical Image Stabilizer and Laser Auto Focus. So no blurs and timeless classic selfies! We were so excited by the selfie feature of the phone that we decided to do an experiment.

Where we got amazing reaction when we gestured to people without the phone, saying Hi Selfie!
Check out the video here:

Later when we told them about the amazing feature of the LG G3, people found it really amazing and fun! They even tried the feature hands on and were quite excited about it and almost all of them asked “What phone is it?”
Check it out:

Not only that, to make people aware of the new selfie feature of LG G3 we ran #MeriWaliSelfie contest on social media asking people to pose in different situation. And results are totally amazing.
See for yourself:
On Facebook, the number of entries for the contest was an enormous 1000+ (so many selfies!) and the contest reached more than 1.2 Million Facebook users!
Even on Twitter, the contest was a huge hit with more than 3000 tweets and a whopping impression of 8.5 million!
Now we can keep going about it. But we are keeping it here olny, so should you go out and check out the brilliant LG G3 yourselves!
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  • The world of Selfie made better with LG G3!
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