Towards Greenovation

Nature is the song of earth and every tune it hums turns it into an enchanted picturesque sight. In its purest form, every breath can infuse your lungs with a whiff of air that will rejuvenate your soul. Greenovation is a concept that has been churned from this very thought. It is a step towards empowering technology as well as the environment surrounding us.

What is Greenovation?

We are living in a world where incomes are rising, climate is becoming warm and air-conditioning isn’t just a luxury anymore. It is a necessity to beat the heat and lead a comfortable life. However, it is leading towards mass electrical consumption worldwide that adds the perfect dose of momentum required to deteriorate the climatic conditions.

The need of the hour is a greener solution, welcome to the world of LG Greenovation that is solely dedicated towards providing the planet with an energy saving commercial air-conditioning system.

How will it Effect?

These range of products has been developed to reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of products. It has been classified into three categories-





We are all aware of renewable and non-renewable source of energy. When it comes to resource, it affects the environment in three ways and Greenovation promotes the idea of using renewable products.

Reduces Resource Consumption

Resources are limited and therefore Greenovation is in favour of recycled materials usage which in turn reduces product volume and weight.

Replaces Hazardous Substances

With reduced usage of heavy metals, LG Greenovation also reduces the usage of hazardous chemical substances.

Increases Recyclability

Designed for easy disassembling process, it increases the usage of recyclable materials. Recyclable and renewable source of materials only protects the environment from resource depletion.



When you save energy, you are protecting the earth’s resources. Greenovation believes in harnessing it from renewable and recyclable sources.

Enhances Energy Efficiency

Made for better energy efficiency, it helps in reducing the standby power. Greenovation is all about environment-friendly energy that believes a step in the right direction can make all the difference.



Last but not the least, Greenovation stands for every individual who will experience will get equally affected.

Reduced Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Greenovation supports the use of renewable energy which in turn leads to reduced CO2 emissions.

Improves User-Environment

Greenovation promotes the concept of an environment that promotes a holistic experience with reduced noise and vibration.


Apart from these, Greenovation is a concept that will keep on advancing with time. Imagine a planet sans pollution amongst the valleys of green, that’s the picture in our mind – a world that empowers itself with science and nurtures the environment at the same time. Explore an array of LG commercial air-conditioners and discover it for yourself.


  • Towards Greenovation
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